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State Surplus Property Agency

Year Submitted: 2007

Process: Refurbishing/Repair

Industry: Government Agency-Includes Military

Wastes Reduced: Hazardous Waste

Location: Raleigh NC

Contact: J.C. Nance

Phone: (919) 733-3889


The State Surplus Property Agency, a division of the North Carolina Department of Administration, is the medium through which transfer or sale of all surplus property among state agencies, universities and other state institutions is administered. Prior to 1997, the agency disposed of surplus computer equipment in unknown condition through public bid or sale to government agencies. Unfortunately, this process did not recognize the educational and economic value of the computers. In an effort to capture the full value of the used computers, State Surplus Property implemented a computer program in February 1997 to provide used and refurbished computers primarily to public schools for classroom usage.

P2 Application:

Presently, state universities and agencies send used and out-dated computers to the old Polk Youth Correctional Institution in Raleigh, where State Surplus is currently housing the program. Technicians separate the computer equipment by model and test each one to determine the condition. The computers are then repaired and built to meet the specific needs of recipient schools, agencies, and non-profit groups. No new parts or equipment are purchased for repair because all needed parts are removed from available equipment.

  • More than 1,600 computers with 386, 486, or newer hard drives have been placed back into schools.
  • Several hundred nonfunctioning monitors have been sold to a refurbisher instead of being landfilled.
  • Unusable or extra circuit boards, disk drives, metal parts, and power supplies are sorted and stored in gaylords to be sold to recyclers.
  • At least ten trailer loads of miscellaneous computer parts have been sold and kept out of the landfill.

  • Total Cost Savings: $3,100,000.00

Details of Reductions

  • Electronic Waste
    Comments: With the average cost of new computer systems at $2,000, public schools and state agencies have saved at least $3,168,000.00 in 1997 by purchasing repaired or rebuilt computers.
  • Electronic Waste
    Comments: Broken monitors that would cost $15 each to landfill are sold to a refurbisher for $5.75 each, producing a net savings/revenue of $20.75 per broken monitor.
  • Hazardous Waste
    Comments: Each refurbished computer is sold for $20 and has created approximately $32,000 in revenue.

Additional Information :

The State Surplus Property Agency was selected as a Government Case Study in the 1997 Governors Award for Excellence in Waste Reduction competition.

Source: WRRC

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