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Donaldson Company, Inc.

Year Submitted: 2006

Process: Manufacturing

Industry: Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

Wastes Reduced: Landfilled Waste

Location: Cresco IA

No. of employees: 9000

Contact: Ryan Burnley

Phone: 1-800-792-8135


The plant in Cresco evaluated reusing scrap material several years ago, but was unsuccessful in finding an outlet for the large quantities of media paper disposed of annually. Since the addition of the new PowerCore" filtration line one year ago, scrap tonnage has increased. The company desires to reduce the amount of landfilled media, through both diversion and source reduction, and to comply with QS9000 continuous improvement requirements, giving Donaldson reason to undertake a pollution prevention project.

P2 Application:

Media Source Reduction - The splicers on the main assembly lines account for an estimated $82,800 worth of wasted media sent to the landfill annually. The cause of this loss is the lack of a secondary spray counter on the splicer. The counter tells the operator the current runs progress; the only counters currently installed are located on the pleater, about 25 feet from where the splice is made. As a result, the operator must guess when to splice in a new roll. Adding a second counter to the splicer itself will divert an estimated $82,800 worth of media from the landfill to production annually.

Selling OCC Scrap - Currently, Donaldson recycles OCC (Old Corrugated Cardboard) containers with a local recycling company, spending $9,130 annually on transportation costs. City Carton Recycling, the company supplying Donaldson with the horizontal baler system, has offered to pay one-half of Official Board Market (OBM) value for handling the OCC, which would create revenue of $9,980. Switching recycling companies will result in a net annual savings of $19,110.

Plastic Recycling - Various types of plastics are used in manufacturing processes as well as in finished products. Due to process contamination on the plastic parts, normal recyclers and environmental burning plants cannot use the plastics. Donaldson's plant in Frankfort, Ind., located a recycler that will accept Cresco's plastic parts as well as Frankfort's. The scrap plastic is now shipped to the Frankfort plant weekly by Donaldson trucks already making the run, resulting in no additional shipping costs and an annual savings of $2,700. Element Dismantling Finished filter elements that do not meet company specifications comprise 20 percent of the annual landfill tonnage. Research is underway to design a machine to cut the end-caps from the elements, so that the middle section can be reused or sent to BFC. This would reduce annual tonnage by roughly 18 percent. Approximately one to two percent of the elements are scrapped per day; an automated machine should be able to dismantle this number of elements in a short period of time. Initial capital costs will be about $15,000, and comparing labor costs to landfill savings results in a net annual savings of approximately $10,500.

Media Landfill Diversion - Raw media makes up on average 70 percent of annual landfill tonnage. BFC Gas & Electric Companies in Cedar Rapids collects raw material and incinerates it to power an industrial steam turbine that generates electricity. Sending the scrap media to BFC will result in annual savings of $30,200.

  • Total Cost Savings: $142,610.00

Details of Reductions

  • scrap media
  • media
  • old corrugated cardboard
  • plastic
  • filter elements

Additional Information :

Donaldson Company, Inc., headquartered in Bloomington, Minn., has more than 9,000 employees at more than 30 manufacturing locations worldwide, including 14 plants in the United States. The Cresco plant manufactures industrial air filtration products for companies such as Caterpillar, FMC, Ford, General Dynamics, John Deere and CNH. Donaldson is also a supplier to the United States government of filtration systems for the Blackhawk helicopter and humvee, and of Pulse Jet Air Cleaner (PJAC) filters for the M1 Abrams Battle Tank, Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) and Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

Source: P2RIC

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