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Fibergrate Composite Structures Inc.

Year Submitted: 2006

Process: Mixing

Industry: Plastics

Wastes Reduced: Styrene, Solid Waste

Location: Stephenville TX

No. of employees: 135

Contact: Wendell Hollingsworth

Phone: 254-965-3148


Fibergrate Composite Structures Inc. is a global manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products for industrial and recreational use. Fibergrate makes high performance composite products.

P2 Application:

Many of their product lines are produced with styrene monomers. In 2004 the company undertook an initiative to reduce their impact on the environment by reducing their air emissions. They reduced their styrene emissions using a suppressant in the styrene mix. They also instituted several innovative P2 practices for reducing emissions in the blending and application processes. They also switched to higher solids paint, using less paint to get better coverage and emitting 30% less VOC's to the atmosphere.

  • Total Cost Savings: $14,000.00

Details of Reductions

  • 6,000.0 - Pounds of   Styrene
  • Solid Waste
    Comments: 30% Reduction
  • VOC's
    Comments: 30% Reduction

Additional Information :

These practices led to reductions of 3 tons of toxic air emissions, a 13% percent reduction from the previous year.

Their instituted a recycling operation that resulted in $14,000 dollars of revenue instead of disposal costs. Please see Attachment 1 for a complete breakdown of recycled materials. By implementing the recycling program it is estimated that the generation of solid waste was reduced by 30% and in return reducing solid waste disposal fees as well.

While implementing their pollution prevention program, they were still able to maintain operations within the United States, instead of sending more toxic operations overseas. When Hurricane's Katrina and Rita struck in the Gulf of Mexico, offshore drilling and production platforms throughout the region were devastated and in need of immediate parts (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Grating and Structural Shapes) for their rigging. Fibergrate was able to meet this demand, due mainly because their main production plant was located in the U.S. (Stephenville, Texas). More importantly, this company continues to make a significant contribution to the recovery of our nation by helping restore our nation's oil production capacity. Fibergrate is committed to reducing waste, reducing emissions, and the recycling of materials while maintaining

Source: Zero Waste Network

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