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WaterJet Service

Year Submitted: 2005

Process: Wastewater Treatment

Industry: Metal Fabrication

Wastes Reduced: Solids, TSS

Location: Houston TX

No. of employees: 2

Contact: Greg Schreve

Phone: 281/807-4485


Waterjet Services, Inc uses pressurized water mixed with fine grained garnet, an aluminum silicate mineral, to cut plates of steel, plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, and other metals in different configurations and sizes. The water is pressurized by a pump to 55,000 psi and passed through a nozzle that is 1/40,000 of an inch in diameter. The water hits the surface to be cut at three times the speed of sound. The entire cutting process is automatic. The company generate approximately 1200 gallons of muddy wastewater that was retained in a small baffled tank, and then discharged to a POTW. The POTW required the company to lower the total suspended solids (TSS) before discharging the wastewater into the sewer. A pretreatment program which involves treating the water with a coagulating agent(Aluminum Sulfate) was initiated. Most of the suspended solids are precipitated in the tank and a much cleaner water is sent to the POTW.

P2 Application:

Aluminum Sulfate coagulating agent to pretreat approximately 300,000 gallons/yr.

Environmental Benefits:

Annually 300,000 gallons of water is pretreated and sent to the POTW.

Details of Reductions

Additional Information :

Although the company spends more money to pretreat the water, the quality of water discharged from the POTW to the nearby stream is enhanced.

Source: TCEQ

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