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Year Submitted: 2003

Process: Painting/Coating

Industry: Metal Fabrication

Wastes Reduced: Hazardous Waste

Substance: Paint

Location: Stillwater OK

No. of employees: 1100


MerCruiser is a manufacturer of sterndrive & inboard motors with 1100 employees. MerCruiser has instituted a truly multi-media pollution prevention approach to addressing their environmental issues. At the core of the program is a strict “Green Tag” review of any and all materials to be brought onto the facility. New products to be introduced into the facility are evaluated based on intended usage, temperature, location and amount of material to be used, and the Material Safety Data Sheet. The Laboratory Manager, Safety Engineer and the Environmental Manager must personally approve any new materials. The facility called on the services provided by technical assistance providers at both the state environmental to assist in achieving program goals.

P2 Application:

· MerCruiser has adopted a series of innovative steps in their painting operations. The system processes parts through 12 stages of corrosion resistance and paint adhesion. They use a single or double coat process for electrodeposition and apply powder coatings. Very little paint becomes wasted in this approach. · Previously considered waste materials are reviewed for potential reuse within the facility. Metals are separated and recycled —by type. · Equipment has been installed to compress metal chips from the machining operations. The chips are compressed and remelted in the furnaces. This reduces the cost of purchase of aluminum ingots. · Through the use of separation, shredding and bailing of cardboard waste · In July of 1997, MerCruiser installed an ion-exchange system to recycle chrome-bearing wastewater from the pretreatment of parts.

Environmental Benefits:

In 1997, MerCruiser met these goals: 1. No waste generation requiring hazardous waste land filling 2. No discharge of process waste water to the sanitary sewer system 3. 50% reduction in their emission inventory from a 1992 baseline. Their industry, outdoor recreation, depends on a clean environment and MerCruiser is committed to doing their share in preserving that environment.

Details of Reductions

Additional Information :

· Separation and recycling of metals yields $130,000/yr. estimated savings. · $1000 a day in landfill costs and providing $1200 a month as income. · $4.6 million paint system, 20.6% IRR, 4.7 yr. payback · All other P2 projects have had <3 yr. payback

Source: ODEQ

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