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Texas Eastman

Year Submitted: 2003

Process: Wastewater Treatment

Industry: Chemical Manufacturing

Wastes Reduced: VOC Emissions

Substance: Chloroform

Equipment: Air Stripping

Location: Longview, Harrison County TX

No. of employees: 2700

Contact: Glenn Phillips

Phone: (903) 237-5354


Tests determined that natural gas could strip chloroform from wastewaters and carry it to a hazardous waste incinerator. The wastewater from the acetaldehyde production facility typically contained 10 ppm chloroform. In 1988 the EPA proposed a regulation that limited chloroform in wastewater to 100 ppb before biological treatment. The chloroform in the wastewater was reduced to 25 ppb by using the gas stripper.

P2 Application:

A pilot study confirmed that natural gas could be used to extract chloroform from the waste water.

Environmental Benefits:

The gas stripper reduced the chloroform in the waste water by 400 fold to 25 ppb. It also reduced other waste such as benzene and dichloromethane by 20 fold.

Details of Reductions

Additional Information :

There are substantial environmental benefits in emission reductions, but no cost savings.

Source: TCEQ

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