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III Corps and Fort Hood

Year Submitted: 2003

Process: Vehicle Maintenance

Industry: Government Agency-Includes Military

Wastes Reduced: Batteries

Substance: Lead/Acid

Equipment: Trickle Charge, Solargizer

Location: Fort Hood, Bell County TX

No. of employees: 45000

Contact: Bill Bodkin

Phone: (254) 287-8713


Fort Hood spends $3 million annually on the purchase of lead-acid batteries. A Battery Management Plan has been implemented for the entire installation. The base intends to change their battery supply and disposal program, the manner batteries are tested at each level, and the manner batteries are recharged.

P2 Application:

Fort Hood’s Battery Management Plan will become a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). This plan includes the use of Pulse Tech’s Solargizer unit, brass battery connectors, and the purchase of prefiled and pre-charged batteries. The Solargizer unit trickle charges the battery, which aids in keeping the lead plates inside batteries free of corrosion. To date, over 7,000 Solargizers have been installed and 26 units of the 1st Calvary Division have been trained in battery management.

Environmental Benefits:

Extending the life of lead-acid batteries means less lead released into the environment.

Details of Reductions

Additional Information :

Through full implementation of the Battery Management Plan, Fort Hood expects that the purchases of lead-acid batteries can be cut in half. This will translate into $1.5 million in savings in purchases alone.

Source: TCEQ

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