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Year Submitted: 2003

Process: Thermal Oxidation

Industry: Electronics Manufacturing

Wastes Reduced: VOC Emissions

Equipment: Thermal Oxidizer

Location: Austin TX

No. of employees: 3500

Contact: Curtis Wales

Phone: (512) 891-6197


To meet the voluntary goal of the Clean Air Act to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC's) Motorola began in 1992 to review the most innovative available technology for solvent emissions abatement.

P2 Application:

Motorola contracted with DÜRR Industries to install a rotor-concentrator/oxidizer system which has the capacity to capture and destroy greater than 85% of the solvent emissions associated with the semiconductor industry. Zeolite blocks adsorb VOC's from the process stream. Air heated by recovered energy from the oxidizer is used to desorb the VOC's from the Zeolite. The heated air stream then goes to the thermal oxidizer. The ratio of the volume of air sent to the oxidizer to the volume in the process stream (known as the turndown ratio) can be as little as one-eighth. Combustion of less air yields a commensurate savings in natural gas usage. The oxidizer is also controlled so that energy from the combustion of waste VOC's lowers natural gas usage.

Environmental Benefits:

Over 100 tons per year of solvents are destroyed by the system. Additionally, fuel consumption is minimized resulting in lower production of NOx, CO2, and waste heat.

Details of Reductions

Additional Information :

Annualized fuel savings at the present turndown ratio of one-sixth is approximately $300,000.

Source: TCEQ

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