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International Paint, LLC

Year Submitted: 2011

Process: Tank Cleaning

Industry: Paint/Coating

Wastes Reduced: Solvent

Location: Houston TX

No. of employees: 200

Contact: Emilio Ramos

Phone: 713 684-5858


International Paint, LLC (International Paint) manufactures paints and coatings. Before 2008 the facility used approximately 580 gallons of solvent per day to clean mixing tanks and filling lines. International Paint implemented three (3) solvent projects: Solvent Recovery Program, Solvent Re-Use Program, and Solvent Substitution Program.

P2 Application:

Solvent Recovery Program: The solvent recovery program was implemented by International Paint beginning in March 2008. An off-site recycler was contracted to pick up the waste solvent and the recovered solvent was returned to the facility as needed for cleaning purposes. From March 2008, through the third quarter of 2010, approximately 101,110 gallons of recovered solvent had been returned from the recycler for use as cleaning solvent, thus saving the facility approximately $145,000 in operating cost. Solvent Re-Use Program: This program was implemented by International Paint to reduce wastes from tank cleaning and reduce the use of virgin solvent in batch making for selected products. A change in the procedures was implemented in which used solvent from tank cleaning was set aside and reused in future batches of these products. Reusing this set aside solvent in the same or similar products resulted in savings of $160.00 per batch where used. This saving was based on $3.33 per gallon of virgin solvent and 50 gallons of solvent used per batch. With a minimum of five (5) batches of selected products produced per day times 220 days per year, overall savings in operating costs amount to approximately $176,000 per year. In 2009, 80% of the product batches made used re-used solvent in their manufacturing process.

  • Total Cost Savings: $325,000.00

Details of Reductions

  • 101,110.0 - Gallon of   Solvent Recycled
  • 55,000.0 - Gallon of   Solvent Reused
  • 1.2 - ton of   VOC Emissions

Additional Information :

Solvent Substitution: In production areas for the facility, where solvent was previously being used for clean-up of equipment and production areas, the solvent was replaced with Simple Green, a biodegradable cleaner with only 3.8% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The use of this alternative cleaner reduced the VOC emissions from the facility by approximately 200 pounds per month.

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