Region 6 P2 Roundtable

July 28, 2004

Upcoming Events:

  • Nurtured World, Consumer P2 Workshop, August 11, 2004, Austin
  • Region 6 P2 Roundtable Conference Sep. 8, 2004, Little Rock
  • Arkansas Watershed Advisory Group September 9-11, 2003  Little Rock
  • P2 Week, September 12-18, 2004
  • TCEQ/ City of Dallas P2/Pretreatment Conference   Sept 30- Oct 1, Dallas
  • Multi-state Working Group (MSWG)  October 6-7, 2003 (Oklahoma City, Ok)
  • TCEQ P2 Workshop October 16-17, Austin
  • TCEQ P2/EMS in Brownsville, Tx (TBA)
  • NPPR conference in Chicago (April 2005)
  • Regional Pretreatment Conference -  April/May 2005  Dallas (Las Colinas)
  • Region 6 Roundtable Conference, April/May 2005 (Coincide with Pretreatment conference)

Note: El Paso Border Environmental Health Workshop for September has been postponed indefinitely.


Joy Campbell – EPA

Patrick Kelley – EPA

Ruben Casso – EPA

Kerry Page – EPA

Eli Martinez – EPA

Dr. Kuyong Li  - Lamar University

Chris Campbell – WERC

Mark Johnson – LCRA

Audree Miller - ADEQ

Allen Gilliam – ADEQ

Michelle Vattano- NMED

Erin Murphy –NMED

Thomas Vinson – Region 6 P2Rx center (Minute taker)

One Return, One Departure

The Roundtable welcomed back a true leader in the P2 field.  Mark Johnson, of the LCRA who is in good health and ready to contribute to the roundtable, participated in our call, and promised to be in more. 

Joy Campbell announced she would be leaving the Region 6 P2 coordinator position to accept a job as Lead Region Coordinator for the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Asssistance.    Her position will be backfilled, but we can never replace her.


Kerry, discussed EPA’s  consumer conservation brown bags.  Originally they were designed to\ follow up on the Nurtured World Consumer P2 training.  Participants followed up on their environmental commitments (e.g. getting an energy efficient washer/dryer).  They have expanded it to include guest speakers.  The most recent guest speaker spoke on Nutritional choices and the impact on the environment.

Patrick discussed a  new program for Biodiesal.  Patrick said that the  Energy Star grants decision due soon.

Eli mentioned the deadline to submit final Applications is Monday August 2.    Eli will be in charge of all P2 grants except the P2Rx, which Joy will continue to manage.

Ruben discussed the Toxics/PBT grants.   They come out in the Spring.

Next Roundtable

Since the border workshop was cancelled the group decided to have the next conference in Little Rock.  The Arkansas Watershed Advisory Group will be meeting and this would be a good opportunity. 

Details at

$35.00 Registration fee

Audree urged attendees to make their hotel reservations now.  The conference rate will be through August 8,

If you are thinking of attending, Reserve NOW can always cancel.


Texas is planning two P2 workshops.

Pierre discussed a border workshop.  There was discussion of an upcoming border meeting in Arizona that would be attended by TCEQ Commissioner Marquez. Trucking is a big issue.

Joy advised participation in the Texas/New Mexico Geographic Workgroups.  They have a strong deciding factor on what gets funded because their priorities get picked at these conferences.  P2 should always be a priority.


Mark discussed work with UT and TCEQ.  They were planning to work through the LBJ school of public affairs to host a forum for exchanging ideas about Mercury and emissions.  They expect to secure funding soon.Joy suggested RGI funding or next round of PPIS and partnering with Louisiana.

Mark also mentioned they were looking into PBT chemicals used in Electrical industry.  The plan is to develop alternatives will send to for posting  and distribution.

Preparing mercury report


Audree gave a P2 Program update.  ADEQ completed EMS core team training.  Team is ready to go and excited; but know it will be a huge task.   Will start having regular meetings.  NEPT type not ISO 14001.

Joy suggest they align it with performance track will have opportunity to get federal credits.

Allen Gilliam updated P2 in the Water group. The BMP/P2 program for dental offices is moving forward, per Arkansas pretreatment conference.  Now a lot of cities are sending surveys to find out about Amalgam, lead foils, X-Ray, and teach them about their environmental stewardship role.


Continuing on Allen’s thread of conversation, Joy noted that pretreatment programs did a lot on P2 by themselves.  Proactive P2 cities tend to be through pretreatment programs with P2 element.

Because of this conversation, the roundtable agreed the Dallas Pretreatment conference is a good opportunity for the Region 6 P2 Roundtable meeting. At the conference will have city and industry give P2 success stories, roundtable folks can participate and volunteer to help.  Allen is advocating,  and the P2Rx as a tool for these programs.  Thomas mentioned they were getting feedback on what kinds of tools the rograms needed from the P2Rx center.

New Mexico

New Mexico just finished their Green Zia Judges meeting.  They finalized applications for the Green Zia program.  They had eight applicants.  This was down because Federal Facilities are working on their EMS systems.

They are seeking an MOU with EPA and NEPT, for the Green Zia Program to count as NEPT.

They just finished a Community and Environmental Community workbook for the Pueblos and Tribes.  They adopted an Alaskan workbook.  They got feedback from Pueblos and Tribes.  They called on  Pueblos and Tribes for local Earth Day photos and statements.

They are conducting an “Inreach” on NMED to encourage P2.  Want to look at how many companies NMED regulates to see if could set a goal for reduction.  Set a goal to reduce regulatory burden [through P2.] 

Ruben mentioned a grant for tribes in the region. 

They are also working with municipalities to establish P2 program.  Albaquerque had a great P2 program.

Erin mentioned they will be doing an EMS and implementing it in NMED.


WERC attended 07-28 Las Cruces Border Workgroup.

Went to TAOS and did a model EMS so they could use for others.

Contract for Energy efficiency audits at a couple of mines.

PPG grants, doing a mercury recovery/exchange grant seven generations manual and P2 efforts.


Though not in attendance, Joy mentioned Louisiana just had an environmental leadership conference.  Oklahoma’s representative, Dianne Wilkins, was also conducting a conference.

Lamar University

Dr. Li said they were working with Chemical Industry, negotiating with Exxon-Mobile and Huntsman [on P2 process efficiency projects].  Will send final report to Eli Martinez end of August.

Region 6 P2Rx Center (

Thomas guided the group through three products nearing completion.

·        “Virgil”, The Virtual Engineer is being updated.  This means we will make the P2Planner a tool for use by other States.  See the start at:

·        Resource Exchange Program – A way to post and view materials available.  Prototype with Texas, then try an Arkansas/Texas exchange, then move out to all of the Region.

·        Measurement form – will help us collect info. from

He should have an events page demo on the next call that will allow us to update our events to the website.

He asked for help with two projects:

·        Assistance with the newsletter/Blog project.  Michelle and Audree volunteered

·        Help preparing a three year work plan.  He wanted Mark Johnson to assist.

Health and




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