P2 roundtable


04\29\04 (7:15 a.m - YAWN)

Baltimore NPPR

Joy Campbell-EPA

Thomas Vinson (minute taker) -UT Zero Waste Network

Audrey Miller-ADEQ

-Chris Campbell - WERC

-Dianne Wilkens- ODEQ

1. Next Conference call Thur. April 29, 2004-1:00 ct 12:00 mt

Proposed Agenda

-review and finalize the grants

-QA\QC - joy will talk w\ a QA\QC coordinator and get w\ roundtable.

2. Next roundtable -

Fall -Sep. 8-10 El paso in conjunction w\ border summit.

Spring - Arkansas, Audrey will coordinate w\ ppg grant to have activity.


EMS- We agreed to keep our activities under the umbrella of EMS w\ a strong P2 component. 

-Audrey will continue w\ the ADEQ project.

- Thomas spoke with P2Rx coordinator for ems and will be expanding the EMS topic hub.

- we can incorporate H2E into EMS

There was discussion of looking at food from agriculture to food prep.

-Chris is planning to do work w\ the food industry.

-Audrey & Dianne are considering working with pretreatment on FOG and sso issues

 -Thomas will coordinate the info. through P2Rx topic hubs, and continuc to grow the hub.

Greening the supply chain We are all interested in doing work w\ EPP, green purchasing and supply chain greening. This could be the tie to H2E.

Health and




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