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Food Processing/Rendering - General Process

Following are a set of P2 options you may wish to implement. No option is perfect for everyone, but sometimes options that have worked at one facility can work at yours. They might also serve as inspiration.

Reviewed Food Processing/Rendering - General Options

Following are a list of options that have been reviewed by pollution prevention specialists. These options have worked at other facilities and may work at yours.


Recycle cardboard boxes

Recycle cardboard boxes from shipments, or arrange for your supplier to reuse them.

Request reduced packaging

Ask your suppliers to reduce their packaging.

Reuse and return pallets

Reuse pallets that your suppliers are shipped on, or return them to the supplier.

Use refillable dispensers

Buy cleansers and mixes in concentrate form and use refillable dispensers.

Use long-life lighting

Use long-life, compact flourescent bulbs in exit signs.

Replace reflectors

Replace reflectors in the flourescent bulb fixtures which can give you the same amount of light with fewer bulbs. They are available in commercial lighting stores.

Use bathroom air dryers of cloth towel

Use cloth towel machines or air dryers in bathrooms rather than disposable paper towels.

Use recycled-content toilet tissue

If you are using paper towels, buy recycled-content ones. Toilet tissue is also available with recycled-content paper.

Recycle stained linens

Recycle stained or torn linens into cleaning rags.

Explore waste items that could be recyclable

Look for disposable items that appear in large quantities in your trash. If possible, replace them with reusables or recyclable materials.

Use non-disposable employee drink cups

Use ceramic or plastic mugs for employees' drinks instead of disposables.

Obtain durable equipment

Purchase high quality, durable equipment with good service contracts.

Recycle broken equipment

Instead of throwing away broken equipment, have it repaired, or sell or donate it to someone who can repair it or use it for parts.

Donate used furnishings

Donate used furnishings, carpet, equipment, etc. to nonprofit organizations.

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